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Cenote Yokdzonot

Cenote Yokdzonot

The Yokdzonot Cenote is a spring with a width of 40 meters and a depth of approximately 35 to 45 meters and is one of the places that you should definitely visit.

This place was born in 2005 when a A group of women from the same community organized to form a cooperative that could exploit the cenote of the place for tourism in order to find another way to earn money, since the work of the milpa was not enough.

Today it is one of the most visited by tourists and considered one of the most beautiful that the Yucatan Peninsula has.

- If you like adventure, you can rent a mountain bike and see other nearby cenotes . It is recommended to hire a guide to take you.

- Enjoy a delicious Yucatecan meal in the restaurant of the place. You can order salbutes, panuchos, chicken or cheese empanadas, sopes, poc-chuc, grilled chicken and even the traditional lime soup.

- Have a good time in the palapas of the cenote, where you can hang up your hammock and spend a quiet day in contact with nature and swimming in its fresh waters.

- In the same way, you can rappel or zip line and feel the adrenaline of both activities.

The Yokdzonot cenote opens from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and is located 18 kilometers west of Pisté, 15 kilometers from Chichén Itzá. If you are in Mérida, you can take the Mérida - Valladolid highway, you will realize that it is only 300 meters from the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá.

- Entrance to the cenote: Adults: $ 70.00 mxn

Children under 9 years: $ 40.00 mxn

- Zipline: $ 25.00 mxn

- Rappel: $ 150.00 mxn

- Buffet: $ 60.00 mxn

- Bring mosquito repellent and avoid using sunscreen and creams, because these can contaminate the water in the area.

- Wear comfortable clothes and in case of hiking, wear tennis and everything you need to cover yourself.

- Follow the safety instructions extensively to avoid any accident.

- If you bring your own food and drinks, collect all your garbage and deposit it in the indicated places.

swim, jump for a dive, baos, vestidores, restaurantes, renta de chalecos, snorkel-9am a 5pm

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