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Cenote Xkeken o Dzitnup

Cenote Xkeken o Dzitnup

The XKeken Cenote also known as Cenote Dzitnup is the ideal place to live an unforgettable experience, and in turn, forget the daily hustle and bustle while we immerse ourselves in its natural crystalline waters.

is a geological formation that through over the years (due to its calcareous soil) it absorbs rain water creating a special type of flooded cave, perfect for exploring, cooling off and admiring. It should be noted in relation to these cenotes, which in ancient times were believed to be magical places, that is why they performed rituals and ceremonies inside.

The name of the XKeken Cenote means pig and is due to the accompanying legend. It is said that a long time ago, some individuals had a pig that always got lost around the jungle, however, it always came back covered in mud even in the strongest droughts, that is why one day they decided to follow the animal in his mysterious walks. At this moment the subjects realized that the pig had led them to a cave, but upon entering they realized that they were wrong, since it was this great cenote.

When trying to enter the Cenote XKeken (which is separated inside into two cenotes) it is possible to notice that it is a fairly narrow hole, this is because it is an underground cave, but upon arrival, the place expands quite a bit, leaving its visitors perplexed with its beautiful atmosphere full of life and its majestic natural beauty. The Cenote XKeken has 3 entrances for access, steps made of stone in front of the cenote to observe, rest and leave your things if you wish, and finally, railings on the edges.

The formations Typical stalactites found in a cenote are no exception in XKeken, upon entering you can see these large rocks at the top of the underground cave. The waters are turquoise in color, which in turn are illuminated by natural light, and which pass through an opening located in the central part of the cenote. If you want to swim in these beautiful and deep crystalline waters, just be careful since the water is a bit cold.

To enter the cenote, it is enough to pay an entrance fee of MXN 160.00 (USD 8.40 ). In the surroundings there are more activities that you can include in the price of the ticket to make price agreements, such as: include an ATV tour.

If you travel by private car, you should take the Mérida highway -Vallanoid 3 km before reaching Vallanoid, then it must be accessed by a deviation where 2 more km are traveled to reach Cenote XKeken. On the other hand, a different mode of transfer can be obtained by hiring a taxi or a tourist tour that includes it in the route.

If your swimming skills are not very good, you can rent life jackets at only MXN 10 (USD 0.52). You can also rent the snorkels if you want to dive a bit, for an additional payment you can also get a buffet service with delicious food from the region, so you don t have to worry about food and where you will be served by a very friendly and helpful staff. < br>
In the surroundings there are many activities available for visitors, such as ATV rides or horseback riding. There are also restaurants and bars to enjoy the gastronomy of the place, and of course, gift shops and even typical clothing stores of the Riviera Maya.

Hours: The cenote is open from 7: 00 am until 5:00 pm.

Scuba diving, swim, it´s a cave, --Lunes a Domingo 8am a 5pm

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