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Cenote Sagrado

Cenote Sagrado

he Sacred Cenote in Chichén Itzá is there because the Maya Peninsula has most of its underground water currents, mainly due to the limestone surface that quickly absorbs rainwater. The Mayans called these natural wells ts onot, a word that became Spanish and led to Cenote.

One of the distinctive characteristics of Chichén Itzá are these cenotes, and among them the Sacred Cenote in Chichén stands out Itza. This Cenote is also known as Chenkú or Cenote de los Sacrificios, the latter name is due to the 16th century stories that claimed that virgin women were thrown into it, and according to a prophecy, they would one day return alive.

The use of the cenote for rites and sacrifices took place mainly in the Classic (800 -1100) and Post-Classic (1100 -1550), where many archaeological objects and human remains were found.

The Sacred Cenote is a 50 m diameter well in the north-south direction and 60.5 in the east-west direction, with almost vertical walls that widen towards the water level, forming limestone cavities. It is 22 m from the edge to the water level, and from there to the bottom there is about 20 meters of water with muddy sediments that sometimes reach a thickness of 4 meters, especially in the center.

Color The greenishness of its waters is due to algae and microorganisms, and also to the shade of the vegetation that grows around it.

The rocky edge of the well, especially its south side, was adequately conditioned, to the point to show some kind of two-level bleachers, perhaps for the best accommodation of the public that participated in the ceremonies. Scuba diving, swim, jump for a dive, it´s a cave, -$1008am - 5pm

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