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Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman

Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman

A beautiful Hacienda emerges on the road to Valladolid, it is San Lorenzo Oxman, which contrasts perfectly with the nature of the place.

Its immense gardens offer places where you can take a photo, rest or admire its surroundings. It has a swimming pool surrounded by palapas and chairs for sunbathing, followed by a restaurant serving typical regional snacks.

But its main attraction is an immense hole where you can admire a cenote. It is surrounded by vegetation that invites birds to find a home inside, other species simply go down to drink water or cool off a bit.

To access the cenote you must enter through a hole in which you will descend some spiral staircases until you come across a large stone hole. Immediately you will be able to admire the beauty of the cenote, all of it is surrounded by vegetation and the roots of the trees that fall until they touch the water. The song of the birds that flutter and play all over the place captivates you and you are surprised by the ingenuity they have acquired over the years of living among the holes in the stones.

It has wooden platforms around it to that you enjoy the view from almost all its angles and that you can take countless photos of this beautiful place.

To get to its crystal clear blue waters you must go down some wooden stairs that lead you to a small platform Be careful as the humidity in the place makes them a bit slippery. The fish that inhabit its fresh waters welcome you and accompany you to explore every corner of the cenote.

At Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman you can spend a fun day, full of activities and without having to move to another place to eat or refresh yourself.

This place is open from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, it has parking and lodging.

It offers you some packages so that you can choose how you want to enjoy your day with family or friends.

If you only want to enter the cenote the cost is $ 70 pesos per person
Oxman Package (access to the Hacienda facilities, pool, cenote, restaurant and wifi) the cost is $ 100 pesos per person and you reimburse $ 50 pesos for food and drink consumption in Plus Package (access to the Hacienda facilities, pool, cenote, restaurant and wifi) the cost is $ 150 pesos per person and you reimburse yourself $ 150 pesos in consumption of food and beverages

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