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Cenote Chukum

Cenote Chukum

Nature has favored the state of Yucatan with abundant expressions in flora and fauna and of course with almost its unique stamp: the cenotes; having as its main attraction one of these huge reservoirs of spring water whose name is Chukum-Ha, a few months ago the Hacienda Chukum park was opened, located in the town of Yalcobá.

About 25 minutes from the beautiful municipality of Valladolid -in Yalcobá- you will find this corner for adventurers.

The curious chukum trees -with hard bark and thorny- are endemic to the Yucatan peninsula- they surround the park area and it is from them that it takes his name.

The leading tour operator in the Riviera Maya, “Aventuras Mayas”, is the owner of the Hacienda Chukum project and its 40-meter-diameter cenote, Chukum-Ha.

The Chukum-Ha adaptation for recreational and safe use by visitors has received recognition from travelers, for having brought a functional and practical adjustment without altering the environment in which it is located.

For the Mayans, the Cenotes are truly magical places and the entrance to the underworld

The underground cenote from the Hacienda Chukum park (over 40 meters in diameter).

It has three natural openings in its roof that allow sunlight to illuminate its turquoise waters.

Thanks to its adaptation, this attraction offers several activities full of adrenaline for visitors, since the Cenote is fully equipped with zip lines, three diving platforms built at different heights ranging from one to four meters above the water level.

In addition, Chukum-Ha has a rope swing and rappel experience of more than 18 meters through one of the openings of the cavern towards the water.

After cooling off you will get hungry, then you can enjoy the open-air restaurant of the Hacienda and order the typical cuisine of the region, maybe after eating you want to go to his shop for some crafts and souvenirs.

swim, jump for a dive, use a boat, it´s a cave, restaurante, lanchas, baos, regaderas, renta de chalecos, snorkel$50Lunes a Domingo 9am a 5pm

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